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I wish I could wake up next to you but in a totally rad friend way like after a sleepover because I don't know you enough to be in love with you and it don't fit the divide by two add seven rule but then we would make choco chip pancakes with whipped cream and play Mario kart so I can kick your sorry ass

I would destroy you in Mario kart bc baby peach

waking up next to no one is dumb


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Happy reblogging! ^-^

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There's going to be a SAO 2!!!!! Omg it airs July 5th. OMG I CANT WAIT!!!!! I was so upset I thought it was over 😭 I am excited!!!!!

It has a few episodes out already ahhh

Actually SAO 2 is already out! Except it's a lot more different than season 1...

I know :(